Donald Trump Just Tweeted That His Approval Numbers Are Better Than Obama’s, Internet Erupts With Laughter!

Donald Trump unleashed a series of tweets Sunday morning, touting a poll that showed him with a 50% approval rating, which he said was higher than his predecessor, President Obama.

But that isn’t true at all.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking poll did show Donald Trump with a 50% approval rating on Friday, June 16 — the first time Trump had reached this high of an approval rating since April, the pollsters noted.

But on June 16, 2009, then-President Obama had a 56% approval rating in the same poll. And on June 18, 2009, Obama had a 55% approval rating.

Other polls show Trump with much lower approval ratings than all of his predecessors, not just Barack Obama.

As of June 13, the Gallup daily tracking poll showed that just 36% approve of the job Trump is doing as President, while 60% disapprove. The poll provides daily approval ratings dating back to Harry Truman, and Trump is the only President to hit a 60% disapproval rating within the first four-and-a-half months of his presidency.

On Sunday, Trump also called Rasmussen “one of the most accurate polls” of the 2016 election, but they inaccurately predicted a Clinton electoral college victory — as many polls did.

Rasmussen is Trump’s favorite pollster because it almost always skews conservative. Unlike the other polling companies, Rasmussen doesn’t call people on their cell phones, only people with landlines. Federal law states that polling companies can use auto-dialers (which are cheaper) on landlines, but not cell phones. And the people with landlines tend to be older and more conservative.

Twitter had a field day:

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