Trump And His Team Get Completely Annihilated With Tomorrow’s Cover Of The NY Post, Check This Out!

All the in-fighting happening in the White House certainly feels like an episode of a reality show. It’s a lot like Big Brother. Every week, we’re waiting to see who blows up their game, who flies under the radar, and who wins Head of White House-hold. After the departure of Sean Spicer last week, it looks like Reince Priebus is next to get the axe.

But considering Anthony Scaramucci said that he was going to “kill all the leakers,” Big Brother might not be the best analogy. Instead, The New York Post has a better one:

“Outspin, Outlast.” Right now, Scaramucci is winning the spin game but not spinning. He’s just saying whatever comes to mind. But this is Trump’s White House, and much like other Mark Burnett reality shows, things can change very suddenly, and Scaramucci’s safety might not last much longer.

What do you think?