The White House Just LIED On Official Transcript…All To Make Donald Trump Appear To Be A Better Golfer

The White House Press Office was caught committing Autocracy 101—editing an official transcript to make Donald Trump look better. What were they so concerned about that they would be willing to break the American people’s trust over it? Golf scores.

During the press conference introducing Anthony Scaramucci as the new communications director, Scaramucci bragged that Trump “sinks 3-foot putts” when golfing. The official transcript says “30-foot putts.”

This is right out of late North Korea dictator Kim Jong-il’s playbook. The autocratic state once claimed that their dictator scored five holes-in-one during one golf game, and that the first time he bowled, he scored a perfect 3000. They even claimed that he coached their World Cup soccer team with an invisible cell phone.

Trump’s propaganda machine might not be at “invisible cell phone” levels yet, but it’s early in his term. Pretty soon they’ll be claiming that Trump won the World Cup in his invisible clothes.

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